Our Beers

  • Cabana Monday

    20.0IBU | 5.0ABV

    Light and easy for drinking on a hot day. This Mexican style lager uses Aztec hops from Michigan and a healthy dose of flaked maize

  • Late Delivery

    0.0IBU | 5.0ABV

    Light Ale. Collab with Apex Brewery.

  • Kölsch Kömmander

    18.0IBU | 5.0ABV

    Bright and effervescent with slight sweetness, this Kölsch style ale has the color of a light honey with a crisp, slightly bitter finish

  • Booty Block

    40.0IBU | 7.5ABV

    A smooth American stout. Tasting notes include coconut, chocolate and coffee.

  • Excessive Force

    31.0IBU | 9.5ABV

    This Belgian Golden Strong styled ale is light bodied but packs quite a punch. It is brewed with 100% pilsner grain, a healthy dose of Belgian beet candi sugar, and Czech hops to bring a slight spicy tone to the beer.

  • Apex Seltzer

    0.0IBU | 6.0ABV

    Hard Seltzer Made in house and poured over natural fruit purees or zero sugar options.

  • Quadrobeania

    0.0IBU | 10.5ABV

    Belgian quad with coffee.