Our Beers

  • Knee Tap - NY Beer

    61.0IBU | 6.0ABV

    NY Pale Malt is the base of this with a 100% NY Hopping of Chinook and Centenial drive this West Coast Style IPA

  • Bones On Wheels

    21.0IBU | 5.0ABV

    A crushable Czech style Pilsner brewed with continental floor malted pilsner grains and loads of Saaz hops

  • Cabana Monday

    20.0IBU | 5.0ABV

    Light and easy for drinking on a hot day. This Mexican style lager uses Aztec hops from Michigan and a healthy dose of flaked maize

  • Ghost Points Acai Black Currant

    10.0IBU | 6.0ABV

    Fruited Berliner Weisse fermented on Black Currant and Acai

  • Zebras Always Win

    26.0IBU | 6.3ABV

    Dark and sweet with legs for days, this stout got boiled for 2 hours to give it extra glass coating goodness! Brewed with Lactose.

  • One And Done

    50.0IBU | 10.7ABV

    This American Barleywine comes in at 10.7% and will warm you right up in the winter months! Notes of raisin and date with Horizon and Amarillo Hops

  • Apex Seltzer

    0.0IBU | 5.6ABV

    Hard Seltzer Made in house and poured over natural fruit purees or zero sugar options.

  • Safety Glasses IPA

    0.0IBU | 0.5ABV

    We are proud to introduce our new lineup of Safety Glasses® Non-Alcoholic Brews‼️ Leading the way is Safety Glasses® IPA. Boldly featuring Citra, Mosaic and Cascade, this hoppy near beer is here to satisfy you every time, and anytime. 83 Calories 18G Carbs 1G Protein 0G Fat

  • Run Wild IPA

    35.0IBU | 0.5ABV

    The ultimate session-able IPA. Brewed with a blend of Northwest hops with Citra and Mosaic at the forefront. Body of premium organic malts from US & Germany. Subtle yet complex malt profile.