Our Beers

  • Ghost Points

    5.0IBU | 4.7ABV

    A light bodied, spritzy sour brewed with Styrian Goldings.

  • Kölsch Kömmander

    25.0IBU | 4.9ABV

    Bright and effervescent with slight sweetness, this Kölsch style ale has the color of a light honey with a crisp, slightly bitter finish

  • Zebras Always Win

    26.0IBU | 5.7ABV

    Dark and sweet with legs for days, this stout got boiled for 2 hours to give it extra glass coating goodness! Brewed with Lactose.

  • Effff Cancer

    42.0IBU | 7.0ABV

    Brewed with Idaho Gem hops the purchase of which which supported the wellness house in Yakima, WA. This single hop IPA will donate $1 of every sale to Miles of Hope here in the Hudson Valley

  • Tropical Vacation Dad

    60.0IBU | 7.8ABV

    Hazy Lactose IPA brewed with Mosaic, Citra, and Vic Secret and then aged on pink guava for a full Tropical Dad on Vacation Vibe!

  • Smöl

    47.0IBU | 6.1ABV

    A light bodied pale ale with a bright hop character! This beer brings Nugget and Citra hops together for hop character with a light dose of biscuit and crystal malt to balance out the flavors.

  • 5 vs 5

    16.0IBU | 6.5ABV

    This Belgian styled brown ale has light garnet hues and hints of raisin, dates, and light spice to warm your soul.

  • Excessive Force

    31.0IBU | 10.6ABV

    This Belgian Golden Strong styled ale is light bodied but packs quite a punch. It is brewed with 100% pilsner grain, a healthy dose of Belgian beet candi sugar, and Czech hops to bring a slight spicy tone to the beer.

  • Apex Seltzer

    0.0IBU | 6.0ABV